How to create a Medicare reference fee schedule (part 4)

Medicare provides public reference fee schedules for medical services, laboratory and radiology services, DME, and drugs and injectibles.  Making your own Medicare fee schedule provides a ready reference for your practice payments.

Medicare fee schedule part 4: Drugs/vaccines fee schedule

Go to
Select the most recent year from the left hand column.
Then select the most recent month's ASP Pricing File and download it.
In the zip file, choose the ASP Pricing File (eg Oct 18 ASP Pricing File) Excel file.
In the Excel file, the relevant columns are A, B, and D.
Unmerge the cells in this file. Type Ctrl-A to select all the cells, then choose Home > Alignment > Merge and Center > Unmerge Cells. Then move the columns so that the HCPCS Code is in column A, the HCPCS Description is in column C, and the Payment Limit column is in column F.
These cells can be selected, copied, and pasted to the bottom of the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) file.


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